Sunday, November 06, 2011

Queer Eye and Straight Guy

is a 2010 crime drama starring ubermale Jason Statham. A clever, vengeful, sadistic and psychopathic killer is murdering cops in London. Statham is in bad shape as it is --burnout and under investigation-- and is joined up with a poofter cop from a higher status station to solve the crime. To complete the PC lineup, we have a Black female cop in the mix, too. No romance, though. The primary energy is between the two guys and the murderer.

Statham is, of course, Beef a la Testosterone, with attitude and skills to go with it. Paddy Considine (above right) plays his new colleague. His intelligence, commitment, endurance and determination  compensate for his secondary physical role, his preference for classical music, healthy eating and minimalist furniture. It is not a PC relationship. Statham expressed respect for Considine's skills by saying he's a good cop "for a poofter". Mercifully, Considine is man enough to hear the respectful compliment and smile rather than file a complaint.

They do share a passion, but its for their work and that they bond over and trust each other over. Interesting pairing of two kinds of masculinity in tandem. It is not a buddy relationship, but the two of them work as a pair to bring the bad guy down and show that the men have a great deal more in common where it counts than first meets the eye.


PNWReader said...

You didn't explicitly recommend it, but since you wrote about it.... I'm such a wuss with gore that usually I can't watch this sort of film. That said, it was deliciously cathartic. I wonder if I would have felt the same if the villain had been the least bit sympathetic. And now that I've seen a Statham film (at least that I'm aware of), he has become my avatar for you. Hope that's not a bad thing.

USMaleSF said...

Glad you enjoyed the catharsis, PNWReader. Yeah, the bad guy was a really bad guy. No ambiguity in enjoying his justly deserved demise.

Jason Statham your avatar for me?

Oh, boy. I am flattered. But if we ever meet, be prepared to be seriously disappointed...but thanks!

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