Monday, July 06, 2009

Articles of faith

An article in the "UK Telegraph" (HT to Kathy Shaidle) points out the continuing blindness of gays to Muslim homo-hatred. The Liberal Narrative requires that the threat to All Things Good and Liberal come from the White Christian Right. Islam has the status of People of Color and therefore cannot be attacked, no matter what Muslims regularly say and do.

Reminds me once again of how often I hear ranting and raving against the White Christian Right, George Bush (not so much anymore), Republicans, conservatives, etc...and now Sarah Palin. But never never never have I heard San Francisco gays rant against the Muslim jihadis and the Islamic communities which loathe and often kill homosexuals. There have been maybe two formal events or statements over the years about the hanging of gays in Iran and the recent upsurge in gay killings in Iraq, but nothing from the "gay street." Silence.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yah. Simple. They're NIMBY. And there's plenty to do here IN our backyard.

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