Friday, September 12, 2008

Archetypal politics

Berkeley liberal mouthpiece George Lakoff writes about psychology and politics. He holds that the Republicans stand for the Strict Father mode of governance, while the Democrats are the party of the Nurturing Parent. His PC tenets, as all PC tenets do, prevent him from telling the truth. It is the party of the Nurturing (or is that Smothering and Controlling?) Mother.

You can guess who I favor. If all the teenagers in your town are organized into gangs, how long do you think the Metrosexual Teen Quaker Meeting is going to last?

Patriarchy is the natural mode of human political organization, even when the government is headed by a woman. Consider the few female heads of state: a very butch bunch.

One of the ways I have described my political hejira (sic :-)) from left to right is that I gave up worshipping the Great Mother and her Puer Son-Lover and took my place in the ranks of those who serve the Great King and his Warrior-Prince Son. Nurturing is for home and family and neighborhood, not for international relations with the other gangs in this fallen world.

Here's a piece that divides Mr Obama from Mr McCain on two values: honor vs empathy. Or, to put it another way, a father vs Mommy. (H/T 2 RealClearPolitics).

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Anonymous said...

A blog so nice folks should read it twice. I have reprinted 'Archetypical Politics' at my own blog.

- Trevor

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