Monday, May 19, 2014

Randoming back at home

Hannibal is much improved this season. More focus on the love/hate relationship between Hannibal and Will and less on the victims and Jack. And the visuals and atmosphere are grippingly creepy. Cannibal cuisine shot in detail.

A friend told me of a movie where a man accomplishes private justice when the public system lets the rapist-murderer of his wife and daughter go free. The private justice is gruesome. For some reason this friend thinks that would appeal to me. Can't imagine why.

My theory that modern liberalism is the child of Christianity, not merely of the Enlightenment, is apparently held by a scholar of history. We owe it ultimately to St Paul. My online White pagan and Nietzschean acquaintances hate Christianity for this reason, its egalitarian universalism.

Game of Thrones continues to be interesting only insofar as Tyrion the dwarf is involved.

In the wake of my mother's death, I am once again the owner of a car. A 3000-mile-away car, but wheels nonetheless. First time since the disastrous year of 2010. To sell it or to keep it, that is the question.

Grief has a staccato rhythm.



Anonymous said...

The Devil can quote Scripture as it serves his purposes. Look at the pissants who try to use the New Testament to justify socialism. If Christianity goes to pot, it's because it's practiced by humans. Fallible, stupid, stubborn humans. Unless your pagan friends are of the hard-folkish variety, they are infected by the same claptrap as much of Christianity.

It is note-worthy that Orthodoxy is the only branch of Christianity that is unaffected by liberalism. Is it perhaps because Orthodoxy is closely tied to culture, or because it (wisely, I would say) choose to ignore social issues to focus on doctrine and ritual?

More and more Christians are rejecting the universalist impulse that has grown so beloved of the bishops and ministers. Many Catholics are turning on the pro-amnesty bishops. I wouldn't be surprised if the American Catholics schism. And ethnocentric branches like Calvinism are booming.


Leah said...

I say have the car shipped out to the left coast. Come-on a car is a wonderful symbol of freedom.

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