Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Minor irritations

In the process of my mom's death, two very enlightened liberal types managed to make me shake my head.

The local woman who brought Communion to her every Sunday, a very nice person of the Vatican II generation, corrected my use of "last rites" in referring to the final sacrament of anointing and laying on of hands. The woman knows my history and yet she could not refrain from instructing me that "we now call it the sacrament of the sick."

So much of liberality is compulsively and schoolmarmishly correcting everyone's not-up-to-date-lingo. Arrogant and controlling.

A family member who is also in favor of compassion and care and laws and taxes and everything else for the hordes of color, took a cheap swipe at the religion of the non-White Filipina who heroically cared for my mother in her last year. In the midst of praising this extraordinarily patient and kind woman, this person still could not refrain from trashing the faith that is a part of her motivation.

Open-mindedness and love of diversity.


PS. Another family member opined that we ought not to direct memorial gifts to a Catholic organization my mom donated to all her life because "some people" might not feel comfortable donating to a Catholic organization. When I asked what this meant, it was pointed out by the speaker that their workplace was Jewish.

I refrained from exploding by shutting up. How many Jews do you know who would erase their mother's religion in order to avoid offending Gentile strangers?  Would Muslims divert funds away from their charities to avoid upsetting kaffirs?

If you don't want to give to a family's religious charity, then don't.

It's the same instinct to self-erasure that has made so simple and bonding a thing as a "Merry Christmas" greeting a matter for weighty consideration.

The collapse of the West, right here in my own family.



PNWReader said...

did you tell the communion bearer that you found her extremely unctious?

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Ouch :)

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