Monday, October 26, 2009

Suicide or murder?

I often read contemporary Western behavior as self-destructive, in line with Burnham's thesis that liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. An indication that there is homicide involved as well comes from this story, (HT to Bookworm) that British liberal elites purposely sought to erase the British ethnic identity of the white native peoples thru massive Third-World immigration and replace it with the so-called "multicultural" version.

Although the combination of self-loathing and arrogance that so often afflicts liberal elites allows them the paradox of feeling superior while they work to ensure their eventual inferiority, their behavior becomes clear if we transplant it to another place and time. Imagine American Indian leadership inviting white settlers into their territory to achieve a multicultural mosaic beyond mere traditional tribal identity.

Multiculturalism only means the dismantling, marginalizing, pathologizing and destruction of white culture.


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Anonymous said...

When is suicide noble? Why is this a noble suicide or not a noble suicide?

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