Thursday, October 29, 2009

The boyz next door

Crossing over into different worlds is something I have done. There is something about transgression and boundaries that attracts me. Only had one office romance in my history...which turned out to be a major relationship of nine years, but made my continuing employment where I was pretty untenable. And I am happy to say that in my current professional life, I have not crossed any of the prohibited lines.

But I have often enjoyed getting to know people that I was not supposed to get to know.

I live in the Castro in San Francisco, so the opportunity for knowing various kinds of unusual people is there. One struck me today and made me laugh. There was an ad for a porn movie --Yes, I watch porn on the internet--which had three pairings of guys in it and I realized that in each of the pairings, I knew one of the guys personally.

The first is a buddy of mine, a former Marine. Only known him for a few years, but he has stayed at my house and we are in pretty regular contact. His porn work is not a secret. As a man, however, along with his impressive physical gifts, he is prodigiously smart, well-read, etc. And for those of you with a prurient mind, he and I are buddies, as I said. C'est tout.

The second is a guy I know from the gym and who used to cut hair in the local barber shop. We have discussed tattoos.

The third is my neighbor across the street for the last 18 years, who was a longtime friend of my ex.

I have actually seen this film before today's ad. Seeing my friend in it was a curiously unerotic experience. If I did not know him, I am sure I'd find it arousing, but the fact that he is a real person, whose real name I know, cuts off the make-believe and projection that goes along with porn eros. Guy number two, since I know him the least, was interesting in an anthropological kind of way. But seeing my neighbor in flagrante delicto was positively embarrassing. Not because of anything particular he did or because the scene was poor...but I suddenly had the visual equivalent of TMI about someone I had not wondered much about before.

My life has not turned out the way I thought it would when I was in fifth grade :)



TheWilderShoreofVideo said...

Have you seen "The Conqueror?"

It's not exactly porn, but I can guarantee the 'technicolor' action happening inside and outside of all those yurts will keep you happy.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Thank you, TheWilderShoreofVideo. Fans of The Conqueror are a small but hardy band. Any yurt in a storm.

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