Monday, September 14, 2009

Malesoul 31

Maybe this isn't a proper Malesoul image. Maybe it's just an excuse to post a shot of this magnificent mug. More of the fella, who clearly knows what his strong suit is, here:

It is not always easy to distinguish between (among?) admiration, desire and envy. Some of the websites I visit provoke comparative thoughts about how I am put together vs other men. Sometimes it's "If I work harder here or there, I could look more like he does here or there" or "Nature is just unfair and I wish I had been born his identical twin."

It is very rare, in these musings, though, no matter how handsome a fella is, that I wish I had his face. My own, though I have a list of improvements it could use, I am rather attached to. Looking in the mirror and seeing a different and improved physique, that I could adjust to. And have. But seeing someone else's, thanks.

This guy is one of those who tempts me to change my mind. It's a sight I might be able to get used to seeing first thing in the morning. If I were gonna cook up the classical ruggedly handsome male mug, I could hardly do better.


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