Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Demiurge, the Archons and the Fallen Sophia

In Gnostic mythology, our universe of matter and psyche was created when the Aeon Sophia transgressed in the Original Pleroma and fell. From her tears came the Demiurge, the Divine Ruler of this World and his henchmen, the Archons. Bad boys, all. Here the Fallen Sophia laments her exile, while the Archons carry out the evil bidding of their overlord, the Demiurge. You can see why, even though the Archons are false gods, they get worshipped a lot. Great for Gnostic Sunday School classes!

Lyrics (from Bulgarian):

Your beauty drives me crazy.
Your hand makes me shiver.
In your eyes I start drowning.
I want to drown in your hair.

You make me stop breathing.
Pretend you understand.
If needed, lie to me,
say how much you love me.

But I say to you, stop,
stop killing me,
stop burning me:
oh, why do you do it?

I’m not the only one
who has had you.
I’m not the one,
and I believe I have lived.
I’m not the one,
but I believed you are in me.
I’m not the one,
but I could laugh.


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