Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wrapt in the old miasmal mists

as TS Eliot put it.

The current Roman Pontiff is a thoughtless, grandstanding, loudmouthed Peronist bore (aka, a Jesuit), but when it comes to losing all contact with reality, he can't compete with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Welby braced for 'difficulty' with Rome as Church of England prepares to approve women bishops - Telegraph:

Re-union between Rome and Canterbury will never happen. Ever. It's like asking a monastery to unite with a shopping mall.

The "ecumenical movement" has resulted in some actual re-establishments of communion and/or resolutions of ancient theological barriers when it comes to Rome and the Oriental Orthodox, but has only brought about mushy "good feelings" and time-wasting commissions in the West.

As for Rome's continuing stance of Anglican orders, all the clergy for the Ordinariates were re-ordained unconditionally. Which means that Rome did not consider them priests or deacons to begin with. Or archbishops.


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