Friday, January 11, 2008

Mark Steyn, Sodomite

Mark Steyn is a righty with a very sharp wit and a pen to match . Funny guy with a seemingly endless supply of mauvais-mots . As he styles himself on his website, "One-man global content provider". He is now being sucked into the entrails of the Canadian Human Rights Commission gulag for making poor little Muslims feel icky. In character, he is promising not to go down without a major, but no doubt manly, scene.

Mr. Steyn, despite (or because of?) being a published devotee of the Broadway musical, shows no love for menloving men like USMaleSF. To his credit, he finds the culturally-different custom of burying us under walls or throwing us off buildings quite repellent and says so often...unlike Queers for Palestine and other "gay activists" who, when faced with Muslim barbarsim toward us, morph into Helen Keller. But MS has little if anything nice to say about us otherwise.

I have to admit, I feel similarly some days here in SF Homo Central. But then...yes, I know...I have never belonged to any group I couldn't occasionally find intolerable.

Yet Mr. Steyn has now found common ground with us. And, no surprise, he's a top!

With typical overachievement, he is bypassing Sodomy 101, not planning on using a condom, and well....this could make quite the hot and kinky porn video. I welcome him to the company of the Sodomites (you have to wait for it in the end....sic!) and wish him the best in his endeavor...or, as they say in Canuckistan, endeavour.

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