Saturday, December 30, 2006

On a completely different note

Half-watching a largely painful 1992 movie, Big Girls Don't Cry,They Get Even, I saw Dan Futterman. A fellow graduate of Columbia, he's a fine actor -especially in the dark and gripping Urbania-- and was Oscar-nominated for his Capote screenplay.

But I just think he is...well, a damn fine-looking man. A great face, one that I never grow tired of. He's got that boyish thing going -- a minor but strong interest of mine in men-- but the crooked smile, and the surprising strength and "guy" orneriness he can produce...well, he turns my head. His presence on the three "Fagmalion" episodes of Will & Grace partially redeemed that ultimately disappointing series.

And it doesn't hurt that, although married and a daddy, he admits to a region of man-loving in his soul and plays gay men very comfortably. It's a nice fantasy for me...

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